We specializes in high pressure aluminium die casting, miniature zinc die casting, secondary finishing and finished assemblies. We ae supplying our products to industries such as automotive, industrial, electrical, household consumables, refrigeration, electronics and more. We also has the capacity to add value to the die castings. This is accomplished with state of the art " work cells" that handle machining, cleaning, assembly and pressure testing. We prides itself with the ability to provide finished goods to our customers.

Die Casting

Manufacturing brings the engineers design to life. With your specifications, our engineers cell abd production staff develop a process that will produceyour parts economically, and with reliable quality.

Automated Die Cast Equipment Facilities

Centralized Melting with efficient furnaces capable of pouring various alloys. Aluminium Die Cast Machines from 450 Ton to 1000 Ton. most automated with Extractors. We provide quality products in both high and low volumes. The advantage of process helps in consisitency, precision, and reduced labor cost.

Technical Features

We are producing zero defect components in die casting, which have hardware finishing that matches with international standards and have zero rejection rates in chrome-plating.

Machined Castings

Any features can be machines into our base castings with our top quality equipment. Our skilled operators emply all forms of machining to meet your requirements : multi-point drilling and tapping, milling, boring, lathe work, and grinding.


After all aspects of the casting and machining are complete, we can apply all aesthetic, functional, or protective coatings. The various finishing options include vibratory deburring, shotblasting, painting, and plating.

Assembly and Testing

We have the facilities and expertise to do many types of assembly and testing. From simple mechanical assembly and pressure testing, to electrical assembly and testing with a network analyzer. This will allow you to purchase a finished product rather than just a component.

Quality Control

Our quality control is designed to assure compliance to stringent commercial requirements and international standards. To assure that the tight tolerances our quality control department strictly monitors the consistency of parts..