Our tool room provides complete tool making capability for sheet metal components, plastic injection molded, rubber molding, die casting components and more.

Tool Designing

Tool designers using latest CAD/CAM softwares determine the best combination of material usage, die quality and ease of maintenane and team of engineers analysing the design process. We firmly believe it is important to get the problems out of the die with the design up front, rather than fix them after die tryout.

Tooling Equipments

Equipment includes CNC vertical machining centers, CNC Ram-type EDM, Wire EDM and full complement of turning, grinding and other miscellaneous equipment. We will work with you to create the solution to your manufacturing or engineering issue. Our skilled personnel include:

  • Toolmakers
  • Engineers
  • Mould Makers
  • CNC Machinists
  • EDM Specialists
  • CAD Programmers

Our toolmakers are involved in every aspect of our manufacturing. They analyse our tools and processes constantly trying to develop better and more efficient methods of production. This department also works very closely with our product development Engineers to create new production techniques for new product innovations.